We are … different – 1 Peter 2:11 – 25

1 Peter 2:11-25 – We are… different – Mp3

Purpose: In the war of life, honour and submit as Jesus did for God’s glory sake.

We are in a war zone (11 – 12)

God has called us to be his holy people and this changes the way we live. We are in a war zone. We are no longer living to satisfy our sinful desires we are living for God’s glory.

We want people to watch how we live and end up glorifying God as a result.

We are submissive and honouring (13 – 20)

These good lives for God’s glory are characterised by submission to authority and showing honour to everyone.

As we live good, submissive, honouring lives it might cause us to suffer at the hands of unjust people.

We are following Christ’s example (21–25)

We are willing to suffer for doing good because we are called to follow Christ Jesus – who suffered immeasurably more than us at the hands of men who hated him even though he lived a perfect life.

On the cross he bore our sins – now we can live for righteous.

The world might be warring against our souls (11) but Jesus is overseeing our souls (25) so we can continue living for Him.

All this makes us different. 

We are living for God’s glory not our own – That is different to the world around us.

We willingly submit and honour those around us – whether they deserve it or not – That is different to the world around us.

We do all this because we are tracing our lives on Jesus’ life – That is different to the world around us.

We are different because we want God to be glorified through us.

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