Psalm 8 – A song of praise – David Hill

Psalm 8 – A song of praise – Mp3

Purpose: Our God is great beyond measure and yet he is mindful of us. Does this thought blow your mind?

 What a mighty God we serve

 We serve an incredibly powerful God – he is God alone he is very very great – and we are very very small.

 What a great privilege to be able to know this God as our God.

 What is man? (What does it mean to be human?)

 This Psalm begins by thinking about God – and as David thinks about God it causes him to wonder at his own standing before the almighty God.

 What is man?

 Man is made by God to rule the world under him.

 We’ve messed up – so what now?

 We have not done a great job at ruling the world

 Psalm 8 tells us about our awesome God – his glory has no rivals.

 It tells us about humanity – we were made to rule the world under God.

 We have not ruled as we were created to – so Psalm 8 ultimately points past us – to Jesus.

 Jesus is the only one who perfectly obeyed God and rightly ruled under God – and he is the one who can bring us back into relationship with the almighty God.

 Don’t try and make yourself more than you are.

 Our glory is not above the heavens – only God’s is and he has no rivals.

 We need to realise that ultimate reality does not revolve around us. Ultimate reality is this – “O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

 Don’t make God less than he is.

 God’s name is to be praised – we praise him because he has no rivals – he alone is God.

 We praise him because he is the creator – he made us to rule under him.

 But mostly we praise him because of Jesus – Jesus has been crowned with glory and honour because he suffered death for us.

 And the result of his death – he makes it possible for us to share in his glory.

 “O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

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