1 Peter 3:8-12 – We are … loving – David Hill

1 Peter 3:8-12 – We are… loving – Mp3

1 Peter 3:8 – 22 We are … loving.

Purpose: We are blessed to be a blessing – this profoundly influences the way we relate to each other and to the world around us.

Finally, all of you

A sign that God is truly at work within us as a community will be that we are united – we are sympathetic – we love self-sacrificially – we are deeply moved by what we see in the world around us – and then, as a family of humble servants, we live extraordinary lives together because of Jesus and for God’s glory.

Blessed to be a blessing (9 – 12)

We have been phenomenally blessed to be a phenomenal blessing.

We bless each other and the world around us as we live out the reality of who we are.

A few questions to think about.

  • Do you feel like God has blessed you in your life? In what ways has he done that?

  • How are you going to be a blessing?

  • Who are three people you could bless this week in word, action, or gift?

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