Luke 24 – He has risen! – David Hill

Luke 24:1-12;36-49 – Mp3

Theme sentence: Jesus has risen, don’t doubt it, believe it and then preach it! Hooray for Jesus!


He has risen just as he said he would (1 – 8)

As the women see the empty tomb and hear the angels words, they move from unbelief to belief as they remember Jesus saying that he would rise.

The first skepticsJesus own disciples(9 – 12)

The disciples greet the women’s report with skepticism – “What utter nonsense!” – But Peter has a glimmer of hope as he sees the empty tomb.

Fleshing out the truth (36 – 44)

Jesus appears to them to dispel all doubt – but they still don’t fully believe. They touch him and eat with him and hear him. This is what all scripture had been looking forward to.

Tell everyone (45 – 49)

Finally Jesus opens their minds to the truth and tells them to preach this good news to all nations. Hooray for Jesus!



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