1 Peter 4:12-19 – We are … suffering – David Hill

1 Peter 4:12-19 – We are… suffering – Mp3


Aim sentence: Continue to joyfully do good for God’s glory – although this will bring you suffering now, glory awaits!

The blessing of suffering (12 – 16)

It is a joy to suffer for being a Christian because this willingness to suffer is a confirmation that you really are a Christian. We are willing to suffer for Christ because we know we will one day share in glory with Christ.

Suffering now as Judgement (17 – 18)

As we suffer now it is part of God’s judgement. The Old Testament speaks of God’s judgement in terms of purifying God’s people and punishing the wicked. Our suffering now is purification, but the punishment we deserve was taken by Jesus.

Trusting and obey even while suffering (19)

We can therefore trust God – he is faithful. Our trust will be seen in us continuing to do good, even though it is this very “doing good” that will cause us suffering.


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