Luke 1:1-38 – Happy Mother’s Day?

Luke 1:1-38 – Happy Mothers Day? – Mp3

Theme sentence: Certainty comes from taking God at his Word.

Aim sentence: This is hard to believe but Luke has done all the hard work for us. You can be certain that this is fact – Will you believe?

This story matters to all of us because Luke tells us that Mary’s baby is going to be God’s Forever King. All history had been waiting for him – don’t doubt it – Believe!

This should grow your trust that God works in unexpected ways – using ordinary people to do extraordinary things as they trust in God’s Word!

Prelude – So that you may have certainty (1–4)

Luke has done the hard work of investigating the story of Jesus because he wants us to be certain.

Act 1 – An unexpected vision (5 – 25)

The first response to the good news is one of uncertainty – Zechariah pretty much says, “Can this really be possible?” The proof is in the pregnancy. God will do what he says.

Scene 1 – Setting the scene (5 – 7)

Scene 2 – The announcement (8 – 17)

Scene 3 – The response (18 – 20)

Scene 4 – Meanwhile outside (21 – 23)

Scene 5–Fulfilment: Were you in doubt (24 – 25)

Act 2 – An unexpected visitor (26 – 38)

Mary’s response is a model of humility and obedience. The news might be unexpected but she takes God at his word. Because it came from God Mary had certainty.

The focus here though is on the one promised to Mary – the forever King in the line of David who will be called the Son of God.

Scene 1 – The announcement (26 – 33)

Scene 2 – The response (34 – 38)

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