Luke 2:21-40 – Unexpected Prophecies – David Hill

Luke 2:21-40 – Unexpected Prophecies – Mp3

Theme sentence: To see Jesus is to see God’s salvation.

Aim sentence: Once you see God’s salvation in Jesus you will either fall in your own pride or you will be humbled by him and he will raise you up!

Life by the Law

Luke wants us to see that Joseph and Mary are model Jews – following God’s law to the best of their ability.

He also wants us to see that it is hard work to follow the Law.

Actually the story of the OT shows that it is impossible to obey perfectly.

Salvation in Sight

Simeon and Anna are both devout Jews – following God’s law – but both are waiting for God’s salvation. A salvation from the demands of the law and the penalty that comes from not living up to those demands.

In seeing Jesus they realise that they have seen God’s salvation.

The rise and fall

This salvation is clear for all to see but is met with different responses.

Some will see Jesus for who he is, embrace his salvation and be raised up.

Others will reject Jesus and will fall under God’s just judgement.

This passage is calling us to see Jesus as our only Saviour!

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