Psalm 107:1-9 – God is Good – David Hill

Psalm 107:1-9 – God is Good – Mp3

Theme sentence: Nothing can satisfy like the goodness and love of God.

Aim sentence: Stop searching for other things to fulfill you. True satisfaction is only found by those who see God as the source of all goodness and love. Those who truly see this will tell of it.

God is good (1 – 3)

God is good. If you are His, tell of his goodness and love.

Looking elsewhere (4 – 5)

Don’t look elsewhere for what can only be found in God.

Soul satisfaction (6 – 9)

Cry out to the Lord for deliverance. Be satisfied by Him and give thanks for His unfailing love as he leads you.

I don’t deserve anything good from God – neither do you.

But God in his goodness has given me EVERYTHING – because he has given me Jesus – And He is enough!

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