Ezra 5-6 – The Prosperity Gospel – David Hill

Ezra 5-6 – Sermon – Text (Unfortunately there was a problem with the recording – This is the full sermon text)

Theme sentence: God will cause those who keep His Word to prosper in whatever they do.

Aim sentence: We should be challenged in all we do to do it according to God’s Word – God will accomplish His purposes through us.

Stirred by the Word to Action (5:1 – 5)

After 20 years of doing nothing God speaks through His prophets to shake His people into action. And God watches over them so that they are not stopped.

Trying to stir up trouble (5:6 – 17)

Some still want to stir up trouble and they appeal to Darius to intervene to try and stop the building.

From Real opposition to Royal Funding (6:1 – 12)

Their appeal backfires as the hidden hand of God is at work. These trouble makers are now told to fund the building project and to fund the temple worship.

Celebrating God (6:13 – 22)

God’s people respond rightly. They finish the work and celebrate with joy.

Now what?

We have been called to follow Jesus – we are called to build for His glory.

We are not building a temple with stones and timbers – We are building a church with people – people who were once living for themselves but who are now living for Jesus.

People who were once building their own kingdoms on earth – but who have abandoned that project – and are now building for eternity.

People who are telling all the world of Jesus – living their lives in such a radically different way that the only possible explanation can be “The hidden hand of God.”

Isn’t it phenomenal to think that the hidden hand of the almighty God is still at work in the world today – and the tools he is using to do His work are weak ordinary people – who do extraordinary things together as they keep His Word central in all they do.

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