James 1:1-18 – Faith Perseveres – David Hill

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Theme sentence: God intends our inevitable trials and temptations to deepen our faith.
Aim sentence: In trials and temptations God wants us to look to him more and more and live for him until we receive the crown of life.
Meet James (1)
James is most probably Jesus Christ’s little brother. He was the leader of the church in Jerusalem and he writes a letter to all Christians that is massively practical. James is a letter about faith and work – Faith in action.
Trials develop perseverance (2 – 12)
James shifts our horizons from the here and now to the future glory.
As Christians, trials are something we can find joy in because they are making us more like our King Jesus and because of Him we are headed for heaven where trials will be a thing of the past.
We are responsible in our temptations (13 – 15)
Along with trials from the outside come temptations from within. We can’t blame God or anyone else when we give into temptation and fall into sin. The blame sits squarely on our shoulders.
Gifts from God (16 – 18)
Our Heavenly Father is incredibly gracious. He showers us with good gifts. Not only has he given us eternal life in Jesus, but he gives us many other good gifts, including trials which make us more like Jesus.
And as our Father he promises to give us the wisdom we need to make it through trials with our faith in tact.
Now What?

In trials and temptations God wants us to look to him more and more and live for him as our faith in him deepens until we receive the crown of life in heaven.

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