James 1:19 – 27 – Faith obeys – David Hill

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Theme sentence: God’s Word gives true freedom and blessing to those who look, hear, humbly accept, and DO!

Aim sentence: We should never be content to simply hear the God’s Word and not to act on it.

Hearers of the Word (19 – 21)

James is urging us to humbly listen to God’s Word of salvation. God himself has planted it in us and it needs to replace the filth and wickedness that is in us by nature.

Doers of the Word (22 – 25)

We cannot stop at just listening. Hearing without doing is a self-deception. Hearing that results in doing is a blessing. The Gospel frees us to obey God and be blessed.

True Religion (26 – 27)

Doers of the Word are characterised by tongues that are kept in check – they show love and mercy to the oppressed – and they remain unstained by the world.

There are few passages in the Bible that are as practical and as challenging.

Now what?

As God’s Word stirs us we must pray that he will lead us to take up the cause of the oppressed, not in guilt or obligation, but as a joyful response to His great love for us.

Let’s pray that He would use our humble response to transform ourselves, those we minister to, and to transform a watching world.

May we never be content to simply hear God’s Word and not to act on it.

But may God be glorified through us as he is seen in action in us.

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