James 1:26-2:13 – Faith Loves – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Favouritism will destroy the churches witness in the world.

Aim sentence: True faith always expresses itself through love – and real love is full of mercy – Do it.

Pollution free (1:26-27)

James challenges his readers as to what true religion looks like in practice. True religion is characterised by tongues that are kept in check, selfless care for the helpless, and not being polluted by the world.

A key pollutant: Favouritism (2:1-7)

James goes on the speak of favouritism as one of the big things that can pollute the churches witness in the world.

Our world is big on favouritism. You honor, respect, and treat well the person who can benefit you the most. This sort of attitude should have no place in God’s family.

Anti-pollutant: Love displayed in mercy (2:8-12)

As God’s children, God our Father has loved us by showering us with mercy. We don’t deserve to be called his children and yet in love that is what we are.

God’s mercy to us should overflow from us to everyone around us.

If we don’t show mercy we demonstrate that we have not received mercy.

Now what?

We need to repent of the times that by our lack of love we have not shown faith in action.

We need to embrace the mercy that God has shown and pray that we would be captivated by God’s glory – amazed by God’s grace – and compelled by God’s love to speak and act with a faith that loves.

We ended with this song:

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