James 2:14-19 – Faith Acts – David Hill

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Theme sentence: If you don’t have a faith that acts then the evidence says you don’t have faith at all.

Aim sentence: Faith that saves embraces the truth of the Gospel and the evidence is seen, in action, in a totally transformed life.

Understanding Faith and Works

We are saved by FAITH alone – but the evidence of true saving faith is seen in our GOOD WORKS – in our FRUIT – in our ACTIONS.

What good is it … (14)

Faith that does not act is not true faith. True faith trusts in what Jesus has DONE alone and then shows itself in a totally transformed life seen in action.

Faith without action is DEAD (15-19)

People who claim to be Christians but who don’t help poverty-stricken fellow believers are in fact not saved. Their faith is dead. And by “DEAD” James means DEAD – having NO life.

True faith will be seen in what Christians DO. You will know if a person has faith that saves by looking at their fruit. What is on the outside is evidence of what is on the inside.

Now what?

James is not trying to guilt us into caring for the poor. He is not trying to guilt us into acting out our faith.

James wants us to be clear that if you have been shown mercy by God it changes everything. He wants us to be compelled by God’s mercy to overflow with mercy.

This fruit in our lives is evidence of true faith in our hearts.

This song is our theme song for the James Series:

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