James 3:1-12 – Faith Speaks – David Hill

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Theme sentence: The tongue is untameable, capable of great damage, and an indicator of our hearts, the gospel is our only hope to tame our sinful words.

Aim sentence: If the good news of Jesus has changed your heart it will be heard in transformed words.

Control your tongue (1 – 5a)

The tongue is a hugely powerful thing. If you can control your tongue you can control your life.

Your tongue, even though it is very small, can have a massive impact – And unfortunately that impact is often negative.

Uncontrollable (5b – 12)

The frightening truth is that no human being is able to control their tongue. Our evil and poisonous words show that we have corrupt hearts and there in nothing we can do about it.

A tongue controlled (17 – 18)

We need something outside of ourselves to change our hearts and to take control of our tongues.

Only the wisdom from above can change our hearts which in turn will change our actions and our words.

Now what?

We must never underestimate the destructive power of our words.

Our words have the potential to destroy our church, our relationships, and our witness in the world.

We desperately need God’s wisdom from above to transform our hearts so that our words will be transformed to be words that build up rather than break down. May God use our words for His glory alone.

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