James 4:13-17 – Faith Plans – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Plan according to God’s will.

Aim sentence: Trust God with what you cannot control – Honour God with what you can control.

Planning with worldly wisdom (13-14)

Don’t plan as if tomorrow is certain. Your life is just a mist that will soon vanish.

Planning according to God’s will (15 – 16)

View life in the light of eternity – realise that your life is just a mist – God is ultimately in control – this reality will affect the way we make plans.

Do good (17)

In all our planning we should be asking God to show us the good we should be doing.

If you see something good to do – and you turn and walk away – James says you are sinning.

Now what?

Trust God with the things you cannot control – Honour God with the things you can control.

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