James 5:1-12 – Faith Lasts – David Hill

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Theme sentence: The crown is coming to those who last till Jesus’ return.

Aim sentence: Don’t let anything keep you from patiently persevering until Jesus’ return.

This whole section is helping us to see our lives through the perspective of eternity.

Money Misery won’t last (5:1-6)

Don’t trust in money now because it won’t last and it can’t be compared to the crown of life – it will actually lead you to death.

Patient Perseverance will last (5:7-11)

Patiently persevere because whatever you are going through now is NOT the end of the story – Jesus is coming and with Him the crown.

Talk that’s Trustworthy will last (5:12)

Those who are ready for Jesus’ return will be trustworthy in speech.

Now What?

Don’t let anything keep you from patiently persevering till Jesus’ return.

No earthly treasure can compare to the treasure of heaven – the crown of life that is promised to those love Him.

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