Luke 3:1-14 – Actively Prepared – David Hill

Luke summary sentence –

Luke wants us to have a real certainty about Jesus that gives real confidence to preace repentance and forgiveness of sins to the ends of the earth

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Theme sentence:  Those who are actively preparing for Jesus are those who truly repent.

Aim sentence: If you have truly repented it will be seen in significantly changed attitudes and actions..

Prepare for the coming Saviour (1–6)

Luke starts by telling us of the main players in the world of that day. But John is far more important than any of these, and the one he is preparing the way for is the most important person in history – The Lord Himself is coming as the Saviour of the world.

False Preparation (7–9)

Some think that the rite of baptism, or their family history, is enough preparation for the coming salvation, but only the fruit of true repentance will show those who are truly prepared.

True Preparation (10–14)

The fruit of true repentance is seen in a change of attitude that results in a change of action.

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