Luke 3:15-20 – Publically Approved – David Hill

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Theme sentence: The Gospel is about God’s Christ, God’s Spirit and God’s judgement.

Aim sentence:  Make sure that the Gospel you believe and proclaim lines up with the Gospel the Bible proclaims.

God’s anointed King is coming

The Gospel message is primarily about God’s anointed King Jesus – and He is coming.

He will baptise with the Spirit

The Gospel is about God’s Spirit who lives in those who believe.

He will judge with unquenchable fire

The Gospel is about hell. The reality of hell and how to escape hell.

This message is not always welcomed

Herod responded to the Gospel message in the same way that many people respond to the Gospel – he got angry!

Now what?

Let’s stop focusing our eyes on what is most comfortable to us – instead, let’s live with our eyes fixed on what is most glorifying to God.

The King is coming – make sure everyone knows!

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