Luke 4:1-13 – Tried and Tested – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Where the first Adam failed, Jesus, the new Adam, stands against the devil’s temptations and defeats him.

Aim sentence: Jesus promises to help us when we are facing temptation – So stand confidently firm in Him!

The fight is on

Jesus has just been introduced as the Son of God – Fully God.  And as the Son of Adam – Fully man. Can this new Adam do better than the first Adam? As the devil tempts Jesus, the fight is on.

Stone to bread

The devils first temptation focuses on Jesus’ immediate physical need. The devil was trying to cause Jesus to doubt His Father’s love – “Surely the Son of God shouldn’t have to suffer like this!”

Jesus passes the first test by using God’s Word.

The crown without the cross

The devil then tempts Jesus with the promise of power and authority. Jesus is being tempted to take what is rightfully His, but in the wrong way.

Again Jesus passes the test by using God’s Word.

Putting God to the test

Finally the devil tries to get Jesus to test whether God’s promises about Him are true. “If you are the promised one of God then jump – God will have to save you.” The devil even twists God’s Word to try and backup his claim.

Again Jesus passes the test by using God’s Word correctly.

Now what?

We see Jesus in the power of the Spirit using God’s Word to defeat the devil as He stands under temptation.

As God’s children we too have God’s Word and his Spirit, so in His strength we should be able to stand under any temptation.

This is a video of the song we listened to at the beginning of the sermon:

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