Proverbs 1:1-7 – Not “Live and Learn” but “Learn and Live”

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Theme sentence:  The world says, “Live and Learn”. God is saying, “Learn and Live.”

Aim sentence: If we want to be a part of God’s incomparably better story we need to learn to live His way by gaining His wisdom.

Everyone wants to live a better story. Proverbs tells us how to live as a part of the best story – God’s cosmic story that has the happiest ending ever.

And as we live this story it will be attractive to the world around us. Not attracting them to us, but attracting them to the one whose story we are a part of, the all wise God.

Proverbs is telling us to choose wisdom in order to live this better story.

Proverbs NOT promises.

Many people read the proverbs as promises and this can leave them disillusioned.

A proverb is a general observation on life. They are not guarantees, but they are generally true.

The foundation

Who is teaching?

We are given a glimpse into the mind of the best and the brightest as Solomon shares his wisdom.

          What is he teaching?

Wisdom is skill, expertise, competence that understands how life really works – and how to achieve successful and even beautiful results.

Discipline shows us that it is hard work to gain wisdom – we need to work at it – be instructed in it.

Gaining insight means that the non-obvious becomes obvious to you.

This is why parents need to be parents – our kids need our insight.

What about prudence?

Another translation for this word is shrewdness – A good kind of cunning.

The Knowledge of Proverbs is knowing how to live God’s way in God’s world.

And discretion – God wants to give us the deep character that can’t be fooled anymore.

All of this together is going to help us to live a better story in God’s world.

           Who is he teaching?

This is wisdom for everyone. The simple, the young, the wise, the discerning. This is a message for each one of us. We should be a community of people who are growing in wisdom.

The Theme

Verse 7: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

The fear of the Lord is a reverence before Him realising that he is infinitely greater than us and standing in a delighted awe at His love and grace to us.

Wise people humbly worship God and lovingly live to please him. That is the fear of the Lord.

Living according to God’s wisdom is living a better story than any other story our world constructs.

And this story is the only one with a truly “Happily Ever After”.

Pray that God will grant all of us the wisdom to live His better story.

A story that will be attractive to the world around us as it points them to the all wise God who enables us to live His better story.

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