Proverbs 1:8–9:18 – To love wisdom is to choose life – David Hill

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Proverbs 1.8-9.18 diagram - Two ways to live

(This is the image that was used to picture the Wisdom we are given in these chapters.)

Theme sentence:  Wisdom calls us to life – folly calls us to destruction.

Aim sentence: Both wisdom and folly are calling. The right choice is obvious – but we ourselves are complicated. Pray for the wisdom to live wisely for God’s glory.

Life is full of choices.

What is our motivation to make right choices?

For us as Christians our motivation for living a better story is not ultimately about us.

Our goal is much greater – We want the Almighty God to be glorified through us.

“The fear of the Lord” is the key to living this way.

God is absolutely beautiful to behold – but He has the power to take your life – You only come to Him on His terms – And He wants you to enjoy Him on His terms.

That is what it means to fear the Lord.

Wisdom for a son

This wisdom comes in the form of wisdom from dad and mom for their son.

They want him to know that life is going to be full of choices. They are saying to him, “This is what you should expect – and this is how you should respond!”

Two paths

Life is a journey – one of the paths will lead to life – The other will lead to death.

If we want to live wisely for God’s glory, if we want to pick the right path, then the fear of the Lord needs to motivate our decisions.

Two loves

The path you choose will depend on what you love.

Chapter 3:5, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

If you fear the Lord you will realise that He is ultimately in control – That realisation should cause you to love Him – and if you really love Him – you will trust Him.

The sad reality is that many people rather love folly – Folly often presents a picture that is outwardly beautiful – but it has a nasty sting in the tail.

Two houses

These Two paths are leading to Two houses.

The house of folly appeals to the young man’s carnal desires – beautiful on the outside – but full of filth – For those who go in it will cost them their life.

Whereas Wisdom’s house is like a palace (9:1) full of good things.

Unfortunately many people would rather choose to live with pigs than living in a palace.

Two banquets

And finally in these Two houses – Two Banquets are set.

And this is the final choice.

“Come – eat – and live.”

Or “Come – eat – and die.”

Decision time

As you are bombarded with choices in life “The fear of the Lord” is what you need if you are going to make the right choice.

Jesus himself is wisdom with skin on. He is the Lord – so he is the one we should fear.

Jesus himself said – I am the way – He promised that He has gone to prepare a place for us – We are looking forward to His glorious banquet one day.

And on this journey he calls you and me to live His way – His way is the way of wisdom – As we read Proverbs these are Jesus’ words to us telling us how to live as a part of His better story – for His glory.

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