Proverbs 10:1–15:33 – Words of the Righteous – David Hill

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Theme sentence:  The righteous will be known by their words.

Aim sentence: As those who have been counted as righteous in Christ may our words be words of wisdom for God’s glory alone.

For us as Christians our motivation for living a better story is not ultimately about us. Our goal is much greater. We want the Almighty God to be glorified through us.

“Righteousness” and “our use of words” are big themes in this section, and we are going to see how they link with living in “the fear of the Lord”, and how that is linked to our hearts.

The righteous will gain life

50 times the righteous are mentioned in these 5 chapters. The righteous are the ones who live a better story.

The righteous are blessed, they are joyful, they stand firm till the end, they are kept safe, they are just, they are kind.

The righteous are the ones who gain life.

The righteous will be known by their words

Proverbs says that the righteous will be known by their words.

40 times the words “mouth”, “Lips”, “Words” and “Tongue” are mentioned in these 5 chapters – both negatively and positively.

And Proverbs often links the use of our words to life and death.

If only the righteous gain LIFE, then we are DOOMED on account of our foolish words, because there is no one righteous.

There is no one righteous

You are not righteous – I am not righteous. Our words reveal our hearts. And in our natural state we are DOOMED!

Only the grace of God can move us off the path that leads to DEATH and onto the path that leads to LIFE.

Through faith in Christ we are counted as righteous.

So now, as we read Proverbs these are words of wisdom to us, telling us how to be who we are.

Be who you are – and let your words show it

We need God’s wisdom if we want our words to be words that continue to bring glory to God.

Keep praising God for Jesus who has made us righteous.

Thank God for changing our hearts and ask Him to keep changing them.

Pray that from our changed hearts will flow words of wisdom – kind words – honest words – gentle words – Gospel words.

And as we speak may all the glory go to Christ!

Proverbs 1.8-9.18 diagram - Two ways to live

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