Proverbs 22:17–24:22 – Wisdom is sweet for the soul – David Hill

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Theme sentence: If we want the next generation to live for God’s glory then loving discipline is key.

Aim sentence: We need to love our children enough to care about their eternal destiny. Sure hope is only found in living God’s way, in God’s world, for God’s glory.

Our goal in parenting is not to have well behaved kids – More than anything else we want our children to be living for King Jesus until the day they meet Him in glory.

We don’t have the power to change our children’s hearts – only the grace of God can do that.

But God has given all of us the privilege of moulding our children’s hearts.

The key to that molding process is what Proverbs calls “discipline”.

  1. Discipline is key

Discipline in Proverbs is always motivated by LOVE – it is always controlled – and the goal of discipline is WISDOM.

A disciplined child is a wise child – A child who fears God – and who lives a better story.

  1. Choose friends wisely

As parents we are the ones who will have the primary influence on our children’s lives – moulding them – shepherding them – guiding them.

But many others will influence them – and that is why these 3 chapters focus in on the people a wise person will choose to associate with.

We need to be training our kids to choose their friends wisely.

  1. That they might have HOPE

Our discipline is motivated by love – its goal is wisdom – and the life of wisdom is the only life that has sure HOPE.

Now what?

As parents let’s love our kids enough to discipline them – God has put us in their lives to protect them – to save them from the road of folly that leads to death.

We can’t switch the road they are on but we can mould their hearts as we keep pointing them to Jesus – the source of all wisdom.

His grace alone can make their stories a part of His better story – and in His wisdom he has given us to our kids to be pointers – and models – and teachers – and to discipline them.

Let’s take our job seriously.

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