Proverbs 25:1–29:27 – Fools and Friends – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Wise people watch out for fools, find good friends and are good friends.

Aim sentence: We live this way because we want God to be glorified through our friendships and because it is good for the fools around us who need hope.

Godly friends are a gift from God – a gift that will help us to live God’s way in God’s world for God’s glory.

Why Proverbs?

“How is this wisdom from God going to help us to live a better story?”

As we read Proverbs these are Jesus’ words of wisdom to us. We have to listen if we are going to live for His glory and for the good of those around us.

Wise people watch out for fools – wise people find good friends – and wise people are good friends.

Watch out for the fool (25:28 – 26:12)

If we aren’t careful – if we make friends with fools – then these fools will pull us along with them – down the road that ends in death.

The fool in Proverbs is anyone who doesn’t live in the fear of the Lord.

Be careful in your friendships with fools. Be careful that your friends who don’t fear the Lord don’t end up pulling you into their folly.

Don’t be a fool.

Have a good friend be a good friend

Proverbs also has a lot to say about finding good friends. Good friends will help to keep us on the road of wisdom.

Proverbs says that if we don’t have close friends we won’t have anyone to lovingly wound us with words when necessary. We won’t have the joy of heartfelt counsel. We won’t have someone to sharpen us as iron sharpens iron.

If you don’t have a close Christian friend you will be less effective at living God’s way in God’s world for God’s glory and for the good of others.

Our world is full of people who are living their own way without God.

We need wisdom in order to not be influenced by them, but we also need to love them enough to share the wisdom we have been given.

We share this wisdom by sharing Jesus.

Pray that God will greatly glorify himself as he uses us and our friendships to point a world of fools to the wisdom found in Jesus alone.

Two Paths

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