Proverbs 30:1-33 – The Humility of the wise – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Don’t rely on your own limited wisdom – trust in God’s perfect wisdom.

Aim sentence: Human wisdom is limited – the wisest people recognise their ignorance and place their trust in the truth found in God’s Word.

It is a great relief to get to this section of Proverbs and to hear Agur being brutally honest about life and wisdom, and then to learn from his observations.

There is much wisdom to be gained in this section. This wisdom will help all of us to live a better story for God’s glory.

Agur starts by looking up.

Humbled by looking up

Agur seems to be an older man who has observed and experienced life and he is feeling exhausted. Life has overwhelmed him.

Agur has been thinking deeply about God and it has left him feeling completely ignorant.

As a man Agur is humbled. He just can’t know God like he wants to. And if he can’t understand God, how is he ever going to know how to navigate life in God’s world?

Not only does looking up humble him, but he is also humbled as he observes the world around him.

Humbled by looking around

From verse 10 – 33 we get Agur’s observations on life in this world.

He is observing the world – the good, the bad and the ugly – and he is saying, “There is just so much I don’t understand.

As Agur has looked up and looked around he has gained wisdom, but he has also been humbled. His experience of life has left him feeling weak.

So he responds in 2 very wise ways. He prays to God asking for help, and he takes refuge in God’s Word.

Ask God for Help

Agur now applies wisdom to his own life and asks God for two things that will help him to live God’s way in God’s world for God’s glory.

The way we apply wisdom to our lives will be different for every single one of us.

But the goal for all of us is the same. As God’s children we all want to live a better story. A story in which God is glorified. And a story that has a profound impact on the world around us.

We all need to get to a point where we humbly realise our own weaknesses.

The right response is to pray to God and asks for help and secondly to take refuge in God’s Word.

Rest in God’s Word

The wisest people are those who come to the source of all wisdom and take refuge in Him.

Agur may not know all there is to know about God – He may not understand all there is to understand about the world – but he is still incredibly wise.

Because he has taken refuge in the God who has revealed himself to us in His true and excellent word.

Life is never going to stop being busy. You are always going to be in danger of feeling weary and worn out. Your heart is always in danger of growing cold.

We need to daily pray to our loving Father in Heaven and ask for help. We need to daily take refuge in God’s Word.

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