Proverbs 31:10-31 – An Excellent Way – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Wise people aspire to live out the wisdom this excellent wife embodies in whatever sphere of activity they are involved in.

Aim sentence: As we fear the Lord may he grant us the wisdom to live wisely for the praise of His glorious grace.

“Why live wisely?”

For us as Christians our motivation for living a better story is not ultimately about us. We want the Almighty God to be glorified through us.

As we look at God’s wisdom in Proverbs we see that there is this structure to the world, but because of the sin in our world and the sin in us it is a broken structure.

That is why Proverbs, like the rest of Scripture, should ultimately drive us to King Jesus.

As we look at this excellent wife in Proverbs 31 she is not a real person, she is the ideal person. She shows us the kind of person that Proverbs calls us to aspire to.

The wise person works willingly

What she does isn’t really the focus of these verses though. How she does her work – that makes all the difference. And that is what we are to learn from. She works diligently and willingly.

The wise person serves others

Not only does she work with willing hands, she works not for her own good, but in service of others.

She is a model of selfless service of others that we are to aspire to.

The wise person speaks words of wisdom

Not only does she work with willing hands in the service of others but her words are characterised by wisdom.

Now what?

We search and search and never find a person who embodies these characteristics perfectly.

But thankfully the one who does embody them came to find us.

And the truly wise person is the person who comes to King Jesus. The person who realises and admits his own shortcomings, inadequacies and foolishness. And then responds rightly and humbly bows before Him.

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