2 Peter 3:1–13 – Promises NOT Proverbs – David Hill

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(This is a follow on sermon from our series in Proverbs)

Theme sentence: When God makes a promise He always keeps His Word.

Aim sentence: Jesus is coming but while we wait we must live holy and godly lives in order to make Him known.

Peter’s second letter was written to remind us of what we know. Peter is saying, “Don’t forget who you are!” Live in the light of what you KNOW!

Where is this coming he promised? (1 – 10)

Eternity is coming. This is something we can KNOW for sure. Many live as though this were not true. But we need to live in the light of what we know.

What to do while we wait (11–12)

What are we to do now while we wait?

We are to live holy and godly lives and to tell all the world of Jesus and His great and glorious promises.

We need to live with an eternal perspective.

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