Nehemiah 6–7 – Finishing the Job – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Nehemiah himself is now under attack but the work is completed with God’s help.

Aim sentence: Godly leaders will persevere through attacks and will lead those under them to do extraordinary things with God’s help.

Nehemiah himself is under attack in this section. If they can get Nehemiah to stop working the project may well stop.

Perseverance through opposition (6:1–14)

The first opposition is blatant fear tactics from Nehemiah’s enemies. They want to scare Nehemiah into stopping.

The next opposition is more subtle as Nehemiah’s enemies hire a false prophet to come with a false word from god. They want to discredit Nehemiah.

Finishing the job (6:15–19)

The threats don’t work and the wall is completed with the help of God.

But the work isn’t finished yet. Nehemiah has rebuilt the wall, now it is time to rebuild the community.

Now what?

Just like in Nehemiah’s day God’s work will be opposed and sometimes it is the leaders who will be attacked most directly.

Pray for your leaders. Pray that as they pray and read God’s Word that they will be stirred daily by God’s Spirit. That they will be reminded of all Jesus has achieved for us. That they will be moved by compassion to serve and lead you well. So that together you will do glorious things, things that can only be explained by the fact that the Almighty God is helping you.

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