Nehemiah 8 – God’s Word forms God’s people – David Hill

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Theme sentence: God’s Word forms God’s people, and God’s joy is their strength.

Aim sentence: Our strength, our joy, our salvation is found in the Word made flesh, our Lord Jesus. May His Word drive us daily to Him.

The wall has been rebuilt and so Nehemiah sets to work to rebuild God’s people.

God’s Word forms God’s people (1–8)

God’s Word is the thing that rebuilds God’s people as Ezra the priest reads and gives the meaning of God’s law.

God’s joy is their strength (9–12)

God’s Word cuts to the hearts of God’s people, but Nehemiah urges them to find their strength in the joy of the Lord.

They now celebrate the fact that they can understand God’s Word.

God’s salvation is their joy (13–18)

God’s people now reenact the feast of Booths. This reminder of God’s salvation of His people in the past brought them great joy as they remembered that God is still a God who saves.

Now what?

Throughout the New Testament we see God’s Word forming God’s people. This is seen most fully in the Word made flesh, our Lord Jesus.

As we diligently hear God speak to us through His Word we must be driven to Jesus as our source of joy and salvation.


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