Nehemiah 11–12 – A Time to Celebrate – David Hill

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Theme sentence: The people celebrated what God was doing in the world through them.

Aim sentence: Your work for God may seem insignificant in earthly terms, but it has eternal significance, so joyfully keep at it.

A bunch of nobodies in the Holy city (11:1–12:26)

This list of seemingly insignificant people highlights the kind of people God uses.

We are told that they willingly offered – They were men of valour.

They may seem insignificant, in a tiny city on the outskirts of the powerful Persian Empire. But this is The Holy city, and they are a part of God’s work in the world. That makes them significant.

Rejoicing because God had given them great joy! (12:27–43)

We are given a glorious picture of the people celebrating with joy at the dedication of Jerusalem’s wall.

Again, Jerusalem wasn’t very significant in earthly terms, but it was God’s Holy city, the place in which God chose to dwell. And so it was immensely worthy of celebration.

Now what?

Zechariah says, “Don’t despise the day of small things.”

We may be small and seemingly insignificant but if we are joyfully doing God’s work in the world then there is much to celebrate because we are a part of something of eternal significance.

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