Nehemiah 13 – When the rot sets in – David Hill

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Theme sentence: There is still something seriously wrong with God’s people as they break all the promises they made in chapter 10.

Aim sentence: This chapter should remind us that we are all sinners by nature who desperately need Jesus our Saviour.

This final chapter should remind us of what we are like as humans, we are sinners by nature. Left to ourselves we would not have done any better than God’s people in Nehemiah’s day.

But secondly, this chapter should grow our delight in our Saviour, the Lord Jesus. They were longing for Him, by God’s grace we can now know Him.

We aren’t left waiting, our sin that caused our broken relationship with God has been dealt with.

We may still struggle with sin, but because of Jesus, our sin no longer separates us from God because Jesus has paid for it.

And we have God’s Spirit who strengthens and enables us to live God’s way.

This chapter should leave us saying, “Hooray for Jesus!”  He makes all the difference.

Covenant broken – Temple defiled

The third promise that God’s people made in chapter 10 was the promise to support the temple ministry so that they could rightly worship God – This chapter starts by showing that they broke that promise.

Covenant broken – Sabbath desecrated

The second promise that God’s people made in chapter 10 was the promise to keep the Sabbath holy – We see in this chapter that they had horribly broken that promise.

Covenant broken – Unfaithfulness displayed

The first promise that God’s people made in chapter 10 was the promise to remain holy by not inter marrying with the surrounding idolaters – This chapter shows us that they broke that promise too.

Now what?

This chapter may leave us saying, “What is wrong with these people?” but if we’re honest this chapter shows us what is wrong with all of us. Left to ourselves we easily turn from God – We need someone outside of ourselves to rescue us.

This chapter should leave us saying, “Hooray for Jesus!” He has made all the difference.

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