Acts 17:1-9 & 1 Thessalonians 1:1–3 – Living for today; Longing for tomorrow – David Hill

1 Thessalonians 1.1-3 – sermon – There was a problem with the recording of this sermon so the full text has been attached.

Theme sentence: The truth about Jesus turns the world upside down. The work, labour and endurance of God’s people shows this.

Aim sentence: Let’s continue to turn the world upside down as we work, labour and endure together as we make Jesus known.

Turning the world upside down

The good news of Jesus is reasonable, it can be explained and proved, and it must be proclaimed. The truth of this message will result in the world being turned upside down.

Glorious result

For those who are persuaded, the results are glorious. A genuine faith in Jesus produces work. This work won’t always be easy, at time you will need to labour, our Christian love will prompt us to do this. And the thing that will keep us going is our sure hope in Jesus. He has saved us in the past, He will keep us in the present, and He will take us home with Him when He returns.

Now what?

We need to keep going back to the Scriptures, allowing our minds to be transformed so that our hearts will rejoice in the only one worth trusting in, the only one worth loving, the only one worth hoping in.

Our hearts cannot love what our minds do not know.

So as we daily reflect on the things we learn in God’s Word – God himself will fuel us to work, He will fuel us to labour, He will fuel us to endure for Him as we make Jesus known.

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