1 Thessalonians 1:4–10 – Imitators worth imitating – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Those who are loved and chosen by God welcome the good news and it rings out from them.

Aim sentence: May we be those whose faith in God becomes known everywhere.

(This was for an “All age service” so the sermon was a little more interactive.)

Loved and chosen

These Thessalonians had been loved and chosen by God. They had turned to Jesus to rescue them from the wrath that their sin and idolatry deserved. Their lives showed evidence of these truths.

The evidence

They were imitating Paul as he was imitating the Lord Jesus. This was seen in the way they joyfully faced severe suffering. They had turned from idols to serve God and this was not something that was hidden. It was ringing out from them everywhere.

Now what?

If you have been loved and chosen by God, if Jesus has rescued you, this passage tells us that everyone will know about it.

Thank God for his love for you. Thank Him for choosing and rescuing you. And then live for him, so that everyone will know about Him.

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