1 Thessalonians 2:1–12 – Authenticity – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Authentic Christian leaders will reflect a genuine love for and commitment to the Gospel, which will flow out in a love and commitment to the people they have been called to lead.

Aim sentence: Evaluate your leaders. If they aren’t encouraging and charging you to live lives worthy of God, then they are not authentic.

Authentic leaders

Authentic Christian leaders are Gospel motivated, their lives back up their message, and they are ultimately working for an audience of ONE.

Living for God

Those they lead should be exhorted, encouraged and charged to live their lives worthy of God.

Now what?

This passage is urging all of us to evaluate our leaders!

Is the Gospel motivating them – do their lives measure up to their message – are they working for an audience of One?

If so, their love for those they serve will be tangible.

Pray that this will be increasingly true for those who lead at CCW.

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