1 Thessalonians 2:17–3:13 – You’ve got to love the Church – David Hill


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Theme sentence: Jesus is coming – those who are ready will have a growing faith in God through His Word and an increasing love for one another and the world.

Aim sentence: We need a growing faith and an increasing love which will fuel our hope as we wait for Jesus.

A growing faith

If you want to keep going as a Christian then you need to keep growing. And if you want to keep growing you need to increase your knowing, which means you need to be committed to learning more about God from His Word.

An increasing love

The Thessalonians love for one another was vital for their survival as God’s light in the world.

Our love for one another is just as vital. That is why it is one area that Satan will attack.

We need to be daily working at our love for one another. Our witness in the world depends on it. If we really want God to be glorified through us, we will need His love to increase among us.

Now what?

Let’s pray that we will be a family whose faith is growing through God’s Word at work in us, whose love is increasing, and as a result who are increasingly impacting the world for God’s glory.


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