Psalm 96 – What is the mission of the church? – David Hill

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Purpose: There is only one true Lord and our mission is to make Him known everywhere!

Sing, proclaim, declare (1 – 3)

It is EVERY Christian’s job to sing – proclaim – declare God’s phenomenal salvation.

The Lord is God alone (4 – 6)

Why is it so important that people hear this message?

If there is one Lord to whom all people belong and owe their allegiance, the people of that Lord must promote this reality everywhere.”

Give Him your worship (7 – 9)

And then we need to be praying for the right response.

We need to pray that all people everywhere would acknowledge and worship him.

The reigning Lord is coming (10 – 13)

This mission is so important because the reigning Lord is coming!

The New Testament tells us that Jesus is the Lord of heaven and earth. Jesus is the Lord who is reigning. And Jesus is coming again to judge the earth.

The only way to escape Jesus the judge is to worship Jesus as saviour and Lord.


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