Philippians 2:1–11 – Jesus is our Lord and we are His servants – David Hill


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Theme sentence: Jesus came as a humble servant and he is now crowned as Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Aim sentence: Our attitude should be like that of Christ Jesus – other person centred service.

Look to the interests of others (1 – 4)

As children of God we should be characterised by an other-person-centeredness.

Jesus the humble servant (5 – 8)

Paul gives us the supreme example of this other-person-centeredness in our Lord Jesus.

The Almighty God became one of us in the person of Jesus. Jesus is FULLY God and FULLY man. He didn’t just come as a human, He came as a servant, and not just any kind of servant, but a servant who was willing to die for those He came to serve.

And we are called to have the same attitude.

Jesus Christ is Lord (9 – 11)

This passage should cause us to worship Jesus Christ as Lord.

We bow our knees and confess with our lips as we take on His attitude and serve like Jesus did as a picture to the world of what Jesus service is like.

If we are servants of Jesus, we have been put in the place where we live in order to serve others as Jesus served us.

Now what?

As we gaze at Jesus in His Word, as we see how excruciatingly hard His service of us was, as we see His humble obedience to His Father.

As we behold in awe His incredible grace to us, it should cause us to want the world to see Him – to know Him – to experience Him.

They will begin to see Him, and know Him, and experience Him as He is at work through us.

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