Luke 5:1–11 – Jesus Christ the fisher of men – David Hill

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Theme sentence: For Jesus, only sinners who know they are sinners in need of help can enter His service.

Aim sentence: Jesus wants willing, humble, committed people to follow Him.

As Jesus begins calling disciples we see some of the necessary qualities of disciples.

Willing to obey (You’re the boss)

Disciples are willing to obey. Simon didn’t think Jesus’ request was a very wise one but He was willing to obey Jesus.

Truly humble (I’m a sinners)

Disciples are realistic about themselves. Simon knew he was a sinner, unworthy of the greatness of Jesus.

Fully Committed (Leave and follow)

Disciples who see Jesus for who He really is will be fully committed to following Him no matter the cost.

Now what?

The first qualification for following and serving Jesus is to realise that you have nothing to offer.

And then to realise that in Jesus you have everything you need.

Let’s pray that He will full our nets with people as we go out with this glorious news of Jesus.

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