1 Kings 12:1 – 14:20 – A Tale of Two Kingdoms – David Hill

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Theme sentence: The cycle of disobedience leads to the division and downfall of God’s people.

Aim sentence: We must take the warning of this passage seriously and not turn away from God’s Word of truth. Repent and listen to Him.

Division (12:1 – 24)

Due to Rehoboam’s own folly, the Kingdom of Israel is divided in two, as the Lord said it would be.

Downfall (12:25 – 33)

Jeroboam doesn’t follow the Lord’s instructions and sets up a false religion in the Israel which leads to his own downfall and the downfall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Disobedience (13:1 – 34)

Continued disobedience to God’s Word by Jeroboam lead to an increasing hardening of heart.

Even ‘the man of God’ disobeys God and faces God’s judgement.

The cycle of disobedience is quite depressing.

Death (14:1 – 20)

The end of this section shows the awful results of disobedience to God’s Word. Death comes to Jeroboam’s house and the death, or destruction, of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, is prophesied.

Now what?

We see the sinfulness of sin at play in this section as the people rebel against God’s Word to them.

For us, we need to take the warnings of this section seriously.

Romans 1:21–25 is like a commentary on this section and speaks directly into our world today. We see so many people exchanging the truth about God for a lie.

We all desperately need the gift of grace that is offered to us by great King David’s greater son, Jesus. (Romans 3:23 – 24)

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