Matthew 6:5-15 – Asking in Prayer – David Hill

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Theme sentence: When speaking to our Father in Heaven, His priorities must take priority over our needs.

Aim sentence: Don’t pray with hypocrisy or mechanically but always with integrity and thoughtfully, like the children of God that we are.

Talking to our Father in Heaven

As we pray, it is vital that we remember what prayer is. We are speaking to our Father in Heaven, the All-powerful God. We should not pray with hypocrisy. Our prayers shouldn’t be mechanical. We should pray with integrity, thoughtfully, like the children of God that we are.

The Worship of our Father

The longing of our prayers should be for God our Father’s name to be held in the highest honour in our lives and in the world.

The Kingdom of our Father

We should be longing for God’s Kingdom values to be seen in our church family as we seek to do His will, all while we long for Christ’s return and His Kingdom to be fully and perfectly ushered in.

The Provision of our Father

As we seek to live according to God our Father’s priorities we can entrust our day to day provision to Him.

The Grace of our Father (12, 14 – 15)

As He poured out His grace to save us, so He daily offers us forgiveness for the sins that hinder our fellowship with Him.

Flowing from the forgiveness that we have been shown we must be a people who are quick to forgive.

The Protection of our Father

And as we daily live in the presence of temptation we need to pray that God our Father will hold us back from stepping into the temptation.

Now what?

As we allow Scripture to shape our image of God, as we recall his character and practice his presence, we should never pray with hypocrisy but always with integrity, never mechanically but always thoughtfully, like the children of God that we are.

This prayer by John Piper is a wonderful model for using the Lord’s prayer to guide your prayers.

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