Luke 7:1-10 – The Scope of Salvation – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Jesus shows grace NOT to those who think they are worthy, but to those who trust that He is worthy.

Aim sentence: Place your trust firmly in Jesus to save an unworthy enemy like you.

The Scene

Jesus has finished His sermon and a new scene is set in Capernaum where a centurion’s servant is sick and dying.

The Solution

The centurion hears that Jesus is in town so he sends people to ask Jesus for help. Those people paint the centurion as one who is worthy of this help.

The Surprise

The surprise comes as this ‘great’ centurion says he is unworthy to have Jesus come to him. He then shows that he knows Jesus has authority as he says, “Just say the word.”

The Shock

The biggest shock of the section comes as Jesus holds up this supposed ‘enemy’ as an example of faith. Jesus shows him grace by healing his servant.

Now what?

Like the centurion, you need to admit your own unworthiness and place your trust firmly on Jesus to show grace to an enemy like you.

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