I’m new here

We’re all about family and mission, so the best way to get to know what we are all about is to join a Missional Community —that’s where you not just hear about these ideas but work them out in real life by God’s grace.

Our story, who we are, how we live… it’s all about Jesus. By God’s grace, we are learning as a family to allow who Jesus is and what he has accomplished on our behalf to saturate everything about us.

What to expect at our Sunday gathering

Christ Church Waterkloof gathers together as a big family on a Sunday afternoon. This family is made up of lots of different kinds of people. We range from grandpas, grandmas, mums, dads, single mums, single dads, young adults, teenagers, kids, and everyone else in between. We come from different countries and different backgrounds, each with different experiences.

We meet on a Sunday from 4pm. Come and enjoy tea and cake while the children have their special program.

Our main service begins at 4:30 and usually goes for 1 hour and 15 minutes. During this time we sing a few songs, we pray, we have a passage read to us from the bible and the pastor speaks to us about it. There are also announcements where we find out what is happening during the weeks ahead and sometimes there is a short interview with a member of our church or some other special item.

You won’t be asked to read or pray aloud, or stand up and introduce yourself. We know how nervous a first visit anywhere can be, so we want you to feel comfortable; it’s fine to just sit back and watch and listen.

What should I wear?

Whatever you like. There is no dress code. This is Africa.

Do I need to give money?

Definitely not! We don’t believe visitors should pay for being with us. Those who are part of our spiritual family are deeply grateful for what Jesus has done for them and are passionately committed to this church. Therefore they give generously, sacrificially and joyfully. Read more on giving here.

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