Nehemiah 3–4 – Labouring for a God who fights for us – David Hill

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Theme sentence: Nehemiah leads the Jews to work together in the face of much opposition to achieve God’s purposes in the world.

Aim sentence: Work as if it all depends on you; pray as if it all depends on God.

Everyone together (3:1 – 32)

Everyone is a part of this good work because it can’t be done alone.

Expect Opposition (4:1–3)

God’s good work will always be opposed because we live in a fallen world.

If God is for us … (4:4–12)

Nehemiah shows us how to respond. He prays to God and keeps on working.

Spears and spades (4:13–23)

This section clearly shows the link between God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. They trust that God will fight for them, but they also need to be ready to fight.

Now what?

There will always be resistance to the work of God. We need to work together as if it all depends on us; and we need to pray together as if it all depends on God.

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