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If you have joined CCW in the last 6 months to a year we encourage you to attend our next OnBoard Class which will help you to see what it means to be on board with the ministry and mission at CCW.

The OnBoard Class is taught by the CCW leadership. It aims to familiarise you with what CCW is all about. The class is offered on a Saturday Morning.

The emphasis for the class is listed below:

  1. Christ Church Waterkloof’s DNA – who we are & what we believe.
  2. Leadership & Vision– how we lead & where we are going.
  3. Missional Community– how we live.
  4. Church Membership– how to join with us on mission.

Please contact us if you would like to be in the next OnBoard Class.

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Giving @ CCW

Giving @ CCW

You are able to give to the Gospel work at Christ Church Waterkloof via PayPal.


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