We are … chosen – 1 Peter 1:1-2

1 Peter 1:1-2 – We are…chosen – Mp3

Purpose: We are chosen by the Father, made holy by the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus – This makes us strange to the world, but incredibly blessed.

We are … chosen by the Father

God chose us not because of anything we have done but just because he is God – what an amazing thing to have been chosen by the God of all creation!

Rather than worrying about WHY he chose us, we should be eternally thankful THAT he chose us.

We are … changed by the Spirit

God chose us through the sanctifying work of the Spirit – That means that God the Spirit is at work within those who are chosen – He changes us – He makes us holy – He makes us more like Jesus.

The order is very important – God doesn’t wait for us to change before he chooses us – It is not about us first being good enough – because you can’t be good enough for God.

God the Father first chooses us – warts and all – and then God the Spirit changes us.

We are … obedient to Jesus

If the Spirit is at work in your life it will be seen in your obedience to Jesus.

The sprinkling by his blood reminds us that his covenant promise has been confirmed. God promises to make us his children and he does it through the blood of his son.

We are … strange!

All this makes us strange! We aren’t living for the things of this world – we are living for Jesus.

We are … phenomenally blessed

His grace and His peace are ours in abundance – and we want the world to know it!

We are … motivated

When God chooses you – when he begins to change you – then you will really start obeying Jesus – and it effects everything.

We obey Jesus because we want people to see what Jesus is like through us – We want them to experience God’s kindness – his love – his generosity – his grace.

We want them to see it in us.

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