We are … holy – 1 Peter 1:13-2:3

We are holy – 1 Peter 1:13-2:3 – Mp3

Purpose: Those who have been redeemed crave God’s word and are changed by it – the result is seen in a distinctive love for others.

 We are … distinctive (13 – 17)

 Because our hope is set on Jesus, our lives are characterised by holiness. This makes us distinctive. We are not driven by our evil desires but rather by our fear of our Father who is coming to judge.

 This fear is a recognition of who God is – he is infinitely greater and more glorious than us – Even his goodness and grace should cause us to fear Him in the sense of reverence and awe at the fact that the all powerful God should love us so much that he wants us to call HIM “Father”.

 We are … redeemed (18 – 21)

 We live these distinctive lives because we have been redeemed. God has bought us with the price of His own Son’s blood.

 It is that past event that we are trusting in.

 God chose Jesus before the world was made do DIE FOR US – what phenomenal love.

  We are … loving because of love (22 – 25)

 Since we have been shown such phenomenal love our lives are now modeled on His life. We have a deep love for one another – this is the distinguishing mark of those made holy by Jesus.

 It is God’s imperishable Word that forms this loving imperishable community.

 We are … addicted (2:1 – 3)

 If it is God’s Word that forms us, we must be addicted to the Bible.

 This might sound quite strange but Peter says we should crave this pure – undiluted – spiritual milk. This is God’s Word and God’s Word is all about Jesus.

 So we should be addicted to Jesus.

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