We are … hopeful – 1 Peter 1:3-12

1 Peter1:3-12 – We are hopeful – Mp3

Purpose: We joyfully suffer because our hope is in Jesus and in Him we are incomparable privileged.

We are … born with hope (3 – 5)

Our new birth gives us sure hope – God has secured our inheritance – and God has secured us!

We are incredibly privileged – our inheritance is literally out of this world.

This assurance should change everything about us.

We are not living for the here and now we are living for heaven.

We are … joyfully suffering (6 – 9)

Our heavenly citizenship brings us great joy – but our earthly reality is one of suffering.

Our sufferings now prove and strengthen our faith.

The day we are looking forward to will be more glorious that we can imagine.

Joyful suffering now will be replaced by joy unimaginable which will last for eternity.

You may not be facing suffering now – but we are to prepare NOW for the day the suffering comes – and it will come.

We are … incomparably privileged (10–12)

We are more privileged than the OT prophets – they knew the Christ would suffer and then be glorified – but it hadn’t happened yet.

For us it has happened – Jesus has come – he has died – he has risen again – NOW he is in glory. And because of Him we can call God OUR FATHER – not even the angels in heaven can do that – we are more privileged than them.

Our hope is anchored in the past – Jesus rose!

Our hope remains in the present – Jesus lives!

Our hope is completed in the future – Jesus is coming!

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